Prayer Diary

If you'd like to pray for our camps, please come back during the operating season for specific points for prayer and praise. Thank you!

Sunday July 31 Camp starts. Pray for everyone to settle in well, and for those travelling solo from overseas to have stress-free journeys.
Pray for this new team to gel well with one another, and for unity around the Gospel. Pray for laughter and fun.

Monday August 1 Pray for our Bible times. Phillipians in the mornings; Mark's gospel in the evenings.
Pray against distractions. Pray children will be inquisitive.

Tuesday August 2 Pray that the "sin problem" is faithfully and effectively taught
Pray for the safety of everyone on camp: safety this week, and safety eternally.

Wednesday August 3 Pray for fun and laughter on the camp day out. Pray for our witness to the coach driver!

Thurday August 4 Pray that those being challenged will resolve to get serious. Pray for Brendan's patience and stamina as he oversees the camp. Today we ask the question, "What must I do to inherit eternal life" - pray young peple will be hungry to know.

Friday August 5 Pray that the wonder of the cross will lead to saved lives as it is explained tonight.

Saturday August 6 Pray campers will return excited and happy. Pray leaders will return rejoicing at God's work.

Sunday August 7 Turnaround Day. Pray for energy for those who need to stay on and turn the site around ready for tomorrow. For servant hearts. For joy.

Monday August 8 Many of these 8-11 year olds will not have been away from home before. Pray against home-sickness. Pray for fun and laughter.

Tuesday August 9 Pray that children who have never opened a bible before will find it exciting. Because, well, it is!

Wednesday August 10 Our team will be getting frazzled. Looking after 8 year olds around the clock is tough. Pray the chidren will be struck by the care and love they are being shown, and that it would hepo us point them to Jesus.

Thursday August 11 Children go home. Pray they will have sufficent happy memories to want to invite a friend next year! Pray they go home with a better understanding of the love Jesus has for them, and how he showed it.

Friday August 12 Leaders travel down to Polzeath. Pray for a smooth set-up, and good team spirit

Saturday August 13 Our 12-16 year olds arrive, some without knowing anyone else. Pray all settle in, and that our first talk on Luke 1 sets a tone of anticipation.

Sunday August 14 Our first day in the water with surf boards - pray for safety, plus intrigue as we learn about Jesus' mission in Luke 5.

Monday August 15 Today we have a 'buzz group' on world views - pray the campers see how image-obsessed our society is, and how Jesus is the true image into which we are to be transformed!

Tuesday August 16 The first of two days' coasteering - pray for safety, and that the campers grasp the truth of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector in Luke 18.

Wednesday August 17 Today we hear about the Cross, and how the two thieves show us alternate responses in Luke 23. Pray for grace to shine through. Then it's a boat ride across to Padstow for Fish and Chips!

Thursday August 18 We hear this evening about Jesus' challenge to follow him. Pray that all the campers move forward in their commitment to Jesus.

Friday August 19 Homeward bound after a final parable of the four soils. Pray for conviction about becoming ensnared in life's distractions.
Pray too for the Surf's Up! team arriving this evenign ahead of their camp tomorrow.

Friday August 19 Leaders travel down to Polzeath. Pray for a smooth set-up, and good team spirit

Saturday August 20 Our 13-18 year olds arrive. Pray all settle in well, especially the three new boys and one new girl, and that our first talk on Jesus' 'I Am' sayings sets the tone. Pray campers will be hungry to hear more about Jesus.

Sunday August 21 Our first day in the water with surf boards - pray for safety and fun, as well as a realisation that Jesus is the only way as we look at Jesus as the bread of life.

Monday August 22 Continue to pray for safety in the water and relationships both among campers and between leaders and campers; for opportunities to share our faith with them. Pray for tonight's talk on Jesus being the Light of the world - that they understand sin and thus the need for the Light.

Tuesday August 23 We're off coasteering today! Pray for safety, and that it's a welcome addition to the week for campers who have come several times. Pray that campers grasp the great sacrifice Jesus made for us as we look at Jesus as the good shepherd.

Wednesday August 24 Today we hear about the resurrection and how Jesus raised Lazarus back from the dead. Pray for an understanding of what this means for their future. We then have a boat trip to Padstow for Fish and Chips, so pray for lots of fun, good weather and for relationships to continue to grow.

Thursday August 25 We hear this evening about Jesus being the only way to salvation - pray that the campers choose to follow Jesus' way.

Friday August 26 Homeward bound after a final 'I am' talk on Jesus being the true vine. Pray for conviction to root themselves in His teaching and example, and to be convicted by this as they return to their normal lives and the distractions they will inevitably face.