If you have booked a place on one of our camps you'll be wanting to know what the situation is, and what to expect in the light of the current crisis.

With the picture changing so rapidly, and with so much uncertainty today, it is impossible to say whether we will be in a position to run our planned events this summer or not. We think it would be premature to formally cancel any of them just yet, as our fervent hope is they will indeed run. After all, following weeks of lockdown we can imagine that demand for getting out and blowing off steam will be high!

That said, we understand that many who have booked will no longer be able to attend, even if life is by then getting back to normal. So we'd like to reassure you that we will be refunding you in full should the camp not run, or if you are no longer able to attend for whatever reason! For now we're asking you to please be patient and let the dust settle. As soon as the position becomes clearer we'll contact you.

In the meantime, our bookings remain open! So if you'd like to put your foot in the door and bag one of the remaining spaces for this summer, you can! But please don't send us any money - just ignore the request for a deposit. We'll email to confirm your space, and - just as soon as it is certain the event will indeed run - we'll ask you to pay us then!


Stay safe!